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North Georgia Healthcare Center is a non-profit health care center in Ringgold, Georgia. NGHCC is federally funded by the U.S.D.A. Direct Loan Program funds. The organization will seek sponsorship through private corporations, community, and grants and it will accept Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid. NGHCC will offer medical services to North Georgia and surrounding areas Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. This service will resolve issues with non-emergency care through emergency room services at local hospitals, thus reducing unnecessary costs. NGHCC will have a non-profit pharmacy to assist with your prescription needs. NGHCC will be providing physical therapy and aquatics courses in our indoor pool.

NGHCC recognizes the medical issues in overweight children and adults and will be offering to the community a weight loss and exercise program to promote healthy lifestyle practices. We will establish networking programs with the Catoosa County schools to provide educational services and material in an effort to support national health issues. NGHCC plans to recognize one health related topic every month and offer one-day screenings free of charge to the public in an effort to promote public health awareness and preventive medicine programs.

NGHCC will also assist the elderly by providing a place for healthcare services on weekends and after hours. Most elderly do not have a secondary insurance plan and they are often placed in difficult financial situations with the high cost of their medical needs. We will network with pharmaceutical companies to establish patient assistance programs to ensure they receive their necessary medications.

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North Georgia Healthcare Center is proud to be an FQHC. 

We are one of 34 Federally Qualified Health Centers in Georgia.  These FQHCs provide services in 197 clinic sites throughout the state, in 107 counties, serving over 400,000 patients annually.   FQHCs serve approximately 1 in 34 Georgians, and 1 in 20 Medicaid recipients.  The mean annual rate of ER visits for uninsured patients is 25% less in counties with a health center compared to those without.

What is an FQHC?

An FQHC, or Federally Qualified Health Center, is a nonprofit or public community health center that fulfills certain health service criteria and receives specific government reimbursements and funding.

What do FQHCs do?

FQHCs do a lot, but the most important services we provide are:

1. Comprehensive primary care. FQHCs offer primary care for all age groups, as well as mental, substance abuse and dental health services. We also partner with other community, health, and social organizations to make sure patients have access to a full range of care. 

2. A sliding fee discount program. Sliding fee programs are based on an individual’s income and family size. They allow patients to pay based on their ability to pay so that you never have to pay more than you can.

3. Service to a Medically Underserved Area or Population. Medically Underserved Areas and Populations, or MUA/Ps, have limited access to medical care or have higher medical needs than services available to them. In other words, we provide health services to the people who need them most.

4. Services for all. We will provide you with medical care regardless of your ability to pay and regardless of your insurance status. We will work something out for you. We can even help you get temporary insurance.

What kind of federal funding do FQHCs get?

FQHCs get government reimbursements under Medicare & Medicaid. They also qualify for federal funding through Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act, but they do not necessarily have to receive the funding to be considered an FQHC.

Why are FQHCs so important?

FQHCs level the playing field. We will not deny you healthcare because you do not have insurance, you are not a U.S. Citizen, or you cannot afford medical care. FQHCs exist to provide care to everyone who needs it.


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